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Events by That Purple Book provide helpful career and professional tips and resources to your group!  We offer workshops and public speaking options for individuals and small to medium-size groups.  Workshops can include up to 100 people while general public speaking events can include even larger groups.  Content is targeted at younger professionals, ages 16-24, but workshops can easily be structured to support the needs of the specific audience and career needs. 

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Types of Events

Individual Assistance

Individual assistance means that you get the one-on-one attention for your specific situation and needs.  Guidance is provided for your specific needs such as resume creation/update, interview preparation and practice, or negotiation strategy creation/practice. 

Public Speaking

Public speaking events are a great option if you would like a presentation on a specific topic but do not need other resources such as workbooks or hands-on exercises.  Speaking events can be for small groups or much larger groups, over 100 people.

Group Workshops

Workshops are a great option for small to medium sized groups such as Community Ambassador and Ambassador Candidate groups.  Workshops can be as short at 1hour but can also be a half day or full day event.  Workshops are meant to be a combination of education and hands-on work for specific career resources (resume, negotiation strategy, etc).

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