"You Don't Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate"

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

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Welcome to That Purple Book, a guide for young professionals, millennials, young women and others preparing to begin their career adventure and first real job. This site is all about providing career advice, guidance, and strategy to empower you to negotiate the best options for compensation and start off your career successfully! Let's get started! Think of negotiation as a muscle that needs to be first strengthened before it can work its best.

Fiction: Negotiation includes people yelling at each other and and each trying to whittle the other down to the lowest option possible.

Fact: Negotiation is a conversation between an applicant and a potential employer to reach a mutually beneficial and mutually agreed upon compensation package for the applicant in exchange for the work provided to the potential employer.


In order to successfully negotiate the compensation package of your dreams, you need to be fully prepared prior to that conversation. Follow the tips included throughout That Purple Book and in the other blog posts to successfully prepare for and achieve your career goals! Make sure you check out the following key resources on this site:

  • Blog - dozens of posts with advice on jobs, career, money, negotiation, for students and more!

  • Community - Learn more about the That Purple Book community and what resources are available to YOU!

  • Leadership Corner - Highlighting what makes great positive leaders. Be inspired to be your BEST self!

  • Members - Sign up as a site member (it's FREE) to access resume and cover letter templates, and other helpful job & career resources

  • Services - Beyond the dozens of FREE resources available, if you need additional help, consider using That Purple Book's Resume Review and other services.

Next Steps:

* Get Started! A first step for any worthy process is to Know Your Goal that you want to achieve. What do YOU want to accomplish?

- Become more knowledgeable regarding the negotiation process?

- Negotiate a bigger initial salary?

- Negotiate more paid time off?

- Become more comfortable with the overall negotiation process?

- Learn how to best transition from college student to career professional?

- Other?

* Write down your goal and a brief description. Once you know the overall goal that you have, you can begin taking steps toward that goal.

*Review all of the resources available to you through That Purple Book and sign up as a (FREE) member to access even more!

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