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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

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If you don't have a four-year degree, you're not alone. According to the New York Times, approximately two thirds of adults do not have a four-year degree. Is the college/university track your only option? Not so fast. Check out the rising number of New Collar jobs and careers available. New Collar? Yes, it's an emerging sector of jobs for middle-class wage earners through non-traditional education paths. What makes this category of jobs significant is that only a high school diploma or GED is required, not a four-year degree!

Many companies are recognizing the need for skilled workers in specific areas and the skills needed don't necessarily come with a four-year degree. Those same companies are willing to train their staff on the job or provide training/education resources in order to get them prepared for the job. IBM even has a webpage dedicated to New Collar jobs and supporting resources!

Some of the sectors where you can find new collar jobs include:

* Healthcare

* Technology * Software

* Engineering

According to, here are just some of the many job opportunities in the New Collar category:

* Pharmacy Technician

* Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

* Cloud Administrator

* Service Delivery Analyst

* Cybersecurity Architect

* Computer support specialist

* Web developer

* NET developer

* Registered nurse

* Field service engineer

* Physical therapy assistant

* Medical assistant

* Cable installation technician

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In addition to the previous list, there are numerous other jobs that require a large amount of technical expertise that isn't being taught in colleges or universities. Because this is the digital age, technology is changing the way people perform their jobs. A job may still be manual or physical but may also now include a lot more use of technology. The skills to be able to understand those technology tools and leverage them for a job is a HUGE asset.

Don't think you're "technical" enough? Check out some of the job openings and see what type of requirements are listed. Try out some online courses or webinars to get started learning those skills. Having even a base level of understanding of those technical skills can provide you the experience to get hired where your employer can then provide additional and more specific training.

Additional Resources:



- Zip Recruiter

Next Steps:

* Research job openings under the keywords "new collar" or "newcollar"

* Review the skill requirements for those positions

* Research options for you to train/learn those skills

* Start applying for those jobs!​

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