Involve Your Peeps in the Job Hunting Process

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

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Get your peeps involved!

Seriously, involving others in your job hunting process can yield better results than if you go it alone. Your Career Team can provide meaningful feedback and advice and can also provide ample opportunities to practice interviews and negotiation conversations!

Career Team Essentials

Who should you include in your 'career team'? Good question. Your career team should be no more than five people. Too few people means you're not going to get diversified feedback. Too many people involved and you'll have an overwhelming amount of feedback. Keep it simple! Keep the group small, more than two people but less than five. This ensures that you have enough differing opinions and feedback to help guide you on your career journey.

Who Should You Ask to Be On Your Career Team?

Just some examples of who to include: Family, close friends, former employer, former colleague, teacher/professor, coach. All of these types of people in your life could provide you with helpful advice and assistance. As you prepare for your first real job or at any point in your career, your career team members should know you and at least some of your skill-sets well enough to provide constructive criticism and feedback. You should have a good trusting relationship already with each of your team members.

4 Ways to Leverage Your Career Team

1.Resume review:

It's always best to have many different people review and provide feedback on your resume(s). Review for content as well as for grammar and spelling. Additionally, if your Career Team members know you well, they may point out strong examples of your experience not currently listed on your resume but that should be included.

2.Career Coaching:

Not sure what you want to do? Where you want to work? Where to start? Members of your career team can help you discuss these topics and provide feedback on how to define your goals and how to proceed. Leverage the connections of your Career Team members. If they don't have an answer, they probably know someone who does. Your Career Team members don't have to necessarily represent the job field for which you're applying. (it doesn't hurt though)

3.Interview practice:

Think you're ready for your interviews? Additional practice never hurts and a great way to prepare is through live interview practice one-on-one or panel-style. Practicing may feel awkward at first but the more you practice, the more comfortable you will become.

4.Negotiation practice:

As important as regular job interviews are, negotiation conversations should never be underestimated. Practice conversations NOW for your future negotiation to ensure success. Think about what options you need to negotiate and practice scenarios with your Career Team so that you're comfortable with the process. Don't know what to negotiate for or where to start? That's another great way to leverage the experience of your Career Team. Most of them have probably gone through the career negotiation process and can help you as well.

When working with your Career Team, help them help YOU! Provide your Career Team with your most current resume and any descriptions or information about jobs for which you're applying. That way, they gain a better understanding of your current skills and resources (resume, etc) and you both can identify where you need help most. More importantly, as you continue with your job search, keep your Career Team up to date with your progress. They can't help you if they don't know you need help. Your Team will want to know when you successfully reach your career goals - get hired, get a promotion, negotiate a great starting benefits package, etc. So, keep your peeps posted!

Your Career Team can provide meaningful feedback and advice and can also provide ample opportunities to practice interviews and negotiation conversations! Additionally, your Career Team can act as professional references for you. More information about choosing and working with professional references here.

Next Steps:

* Brainstorm up to 10 people who you would want on your career team.

* List main items that you would like your career team to help with.

* Call and speak with those people on your list to explain your career goals and ask for their help with the specific needs that you have.

* Finalize your team to up to 5 people total.

* Once you have your team in place, provide each person with your most current resume and link to social media listings. Set up ongoing meetings/calls/emails to touch base for questions and feedback regarding the various stages of your job hunting process.

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