Getting Started with Job Applications

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

The Job Application

This is the document that starts the whole job hiring process! This article will provide an overview and helpful tips for completing job applications.

The information you list on your job application should match that which you list on your resume. It doesn’t have to match word for word but the overall experience that you highlight should be consistent across all of your job search materials.

Because you will more than likely need to fill out numerous job applications before you get hired by one company, take time to record your job history information and contacts etc on a separate document. That way, you can copy/paste that information into digital job applications much more easily. For hard copy applications, an existing list of your key information will make the process go much more quickly.

4 Steps to a Solid Job Application:

* Be Honest

* Be Complete

* Be Organized

* Go Digital

1.Be Honest

It never pays to lie or to exaggerate. This should be common sense but it can also be easy to feel like you need to expand your experience in order to look more qualified for a job. Fight that urge to exaggerate. Your combined education and experience at this point have value and even though you want to get hired, it is not worth it to be untruthful EVER during the application process.

2.Be Complete

Take the time to fully fill out each job application. Yes, it takes time. But YES, it IS worth it. Never list “see resume” on your job application. Many agencies can only use the job application document for all formal scoring processes. If you do not include all the important information on your job application, it might not be able to be considered if it’s only listed on your resume.

If you haven’t already, start a list of all of your jobs so far including employer name, employer phone number & email address, company address, job title, job duties. Because job applications are a record of your previous experience, you’ll need this list many times moving forward in your career. Keep this list updated and keep this list handy! It will be much easier to update this list moving forward and use it as needed for other job applications.

When you need to fill out a paper job application, take your time to write clearly and legibly. Other humans will be reviewing the information you write down.

● Do list complete information

● Don’t list “see resume”

3.Be Organized

Prior to filling out job applications, make note of all your past and current job details so that it’s easier and faster to reference and use that information for your job applications. Keep track of the following information:

· Job Title

· Company

· Description of job duties

· Length of time at job (Month/Year to Month/Year)

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4.Go Digital

Many employers utilize online programs for applicants to use in order to provide their job application information. Check with the company ahead of time to know if you need to submit online or by a paper form. Depending on which format is needed, you may need more time in order to complete the information needed. When using a digital submission option, type up your information for each section and save in a separate document first. That way, you can reword the information as needed and then have an accessible copy of the information that you’re providing. When you have the wording how you want it, simply copy and paste it into the online job application form.


In summary, a job application is the document that starts the whole job hiring process! This article provided an overview of job applications as well as helpful tips for completing job applications.

Next Steps:

* Join the Member Community to access FREE Templates for Resumes and other career resources!

* Gather the details of your past work experience, education, and skills/activities

* Create your first job application draft using the tips listed above.

* Get your Career Team involved to review your resume and to provide feedback.

* Finalize your job application(s)

* Do a happy dance!

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