How to Become a Great Leader

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

What makes a great leader? Many things! There is no single correct path to take in order to be successful in your career or to be a great leader. Although there is no "one way" to be a great leader, there are some common attributes that many positive leaders have including:

  • Leaders choose their surroundings

  • Leaders focus on their goals

  • Leaders listen

  • Leaders learn

Leaders Choose Their Surroundings

Why is this important? The sources of the information we receive can have a big impact on our view of the world, our own life, goals, and actions. On a daily basis, we have access to so much news and so many updates from sources and people across the globe. This news and information can be informative and helpful but it can also be negative and hurtful. In our world of constant access to information, it matters who we choose to follow. By choosing to follow negative or superficial resources, we might become distracted and begin to lose focus on our own goals. The people, things, and information we choose to surround ourselves with will impact us greatly. If you are surrounding yourself with negative influences then you’re more likely to incorporate negative actions or thoughts into your own life. By choosing to follow positive and meaningful resources however, you can be inspired by others to enrich your own life and to accomplish your own goals.

Leaders Focus on Their Goals

Good leaders focus on their own goals. Now, that doesn't mean that good leaders aren't helpful to others in reaching their goals. Instead, good leaders must focus on their own goals in order to make progress and then help others in the process. Leaders minimize distractions when working towards their goals. That could mean something simple as watching less tv in order to read a book with tips to help them reach their goal.

Leaders Listen

No single person can know everything. Great leaders know that by listening more to others, they can learn and better understand situations, needs, expectations, challenges and more. Take time to really listen to others and incorporate their perspectives into your decision making. In the end, you may still decide your own perspective is the best option but as a great leader, it makes a difference that you are considering all options and opinions first.

Leaders Learn

Great leaders continue to learn every day. Learning can be continuing your formal education through certificate programs or degree-based curriculum. Learning can also be discussing topics with someone who has a different opinion than yours. Learning can be reading blogs, articles, or books on topics important to you. Learning doesn't have to be solely focused on career topics. Learning can be trying out a new recipe for dinner too! Whatever option you choose, just keep learning!

I created Leadership Corner to highlight amazing people who I consider to be strong and positive leaders for the community. As individuals, each leader being highlighted has their own journey toward success. Remember that there is no single correct way to become a great leader. Leadership Corner exists to celebrate the differences in leaders to provide examples of how YOU can develop your own leadership style.

In a world full of information, both good and bad, I encourage you to choose good news today and follow That Purple Book and connect with our community. Remember, things like age and gender don't determine the quality of a leader. Instead, other characteristics such as strong values, motivation, a desire to learn, and being a good listener can make up the quality of one's leadership skills. Learn and be inspired by the many different types of positive leaders in your community and your life.

Check out the Leadership Corner to be inspired by amazing people. Check out the FREE templates and other resources for your job search and career by becoming a member. (It's FREE) Lastly, stay connected with positive resources like That Purple Book in order to support your goals and your path to great success! The concept of being a great leader is something that will be explored in additional blog posts and resources through That Purple Book because it's an important topic!

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