3 Key Conversation Tips for Networking if You're an Introvert

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Networking is vital throughout your career. That said, it doesn't mean you have to actually like networking! And this isn't actually just focused on introverts. Many people who consider themselves extroverts have difficulties or feel uncomfortable with making small talk in networking situations. Believe me, I get it. Sometimes it can feel awkward or uncomfortable to make conversation with people you either don't know at all or don't know well. The tips below will give you some key focus areas so you can be more confident when networking!

In preparation for networking, focus on 3 things in 3 areas:

3 Things About Yourself

3 Things to Ask Someone About Themselves

3 Ways to Politely End a Conversation


3 Things About Yourself

A main focus of networking is having others get to know you and how awesome you would be to hire and work with! That means that you usually need to talk a bit about yourself. Talking about one’s self is not always easy, for introverts and extroverts alike, but by focusing on 3 main facts, it will make it easier for you to speak with others about yourself during conversation when you meet them. Example phrases include:

· I am a student at __________ with _____________ major.

· I currently work in ________________ field.

· I am interested in working in the _____________ field.

· I am interested in an internship in the field of _____________.

· I’m working on a project about ________________________.

During the conversation, focus on aspects of your skills and experience that you have listed on your resume. That should be easy for you to remember and then you can follow up with people you meet and provide a copy of your resume too! Need help getting your resume together? Check out the website for helpful tips and templates - Sign up as a Member now (free)

3 Things to Ask Someone About Themselves

Even though networking is a lot about YOU, no one wants to listen to you talk the entire time! Be prepared with at least three questions you can ask during a conversation that you’re having with someone you just met. Examples include:

· How did you choose your current career path?

· How did you find your current job?

· What is the best career advice you have received?

· Why do you enjoy your career?

By asking questions, you can help facilitate a broader conversation. You might find out, for example, that the other person shares something in common with you such as attending the same school. That will give you the opportunity to share more information about yourself but also make a great connection between you and the other person.

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3 Ways to Politely End a Conversation

Sometimes, making small talk can be easier than ending the actual conversation. During a networking or other professional event, it is important to talk with multiple people. That means that you should practice greeting, speaking with, and then ending conversations with multiple people throughout an event. Practice at least three different ways you can politely end a conversation with someone so that you can move on to connecting with someone else at the event. Here are some examples of how to politely end a conversation:

· It was great to meet you. There are a couple other people here I need to connect with before they leave. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

· Thank you for speaking with me. I learned a lot.

· Here is my business card. I would like to speak with you again. Would you have time next week for a call?

· Here is my business card. It would be great to connect again. I would like to hear more about _________________________.

· I made a goal to meet three people tonight. Who would you suggest I speak with?

· It was great to meet you. May I connect with you on LinkedIn?

A great overall tip for networking events is to have business cards and copies of your resume to hand out as needed. While not everyone will want or need your resume, a business card is a GREAT way to provide your contact information to people you meet.

In summary, it's okay if networking conversations aren't your favorite thing. That said, you still need to learn how to be successful with networking conversations! Using the tips above, practice conversations with others and then plan to attend at least one networking event in the next month. Practice makes progress!

Next Steps:

* Join the Member Community to access FREE Templates for Resumes & other Resources

* Write down your list of 3 things about yourself.

* Write down your list of 3 things you will ask about the other person.

* Write down the 3 ways you will use to politely end a conversation.

* Find a networking event near you and attend!

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