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Don't Go Broke Looking for a Job

Updated: Jan 5

Let's face it, looking for a job can actually cost money. Ugh. The following are some great tips to help you on your job hunt while also keeping expenses to a minimum.

Go Digital

Application Process:

Fewer companies require paper-based application materials. Most offer an online application process so that you can type in your information, upload a pdf copy of your resume and send in without having to spend money on stamps to mail the information!

Digital Professional Brand:

There are so many online profile options to take advantage of including the most common - This is a great FREE site to publish and promote your skills and career aspirations. Many companies and recruiters scour for prospective employees. This is a great way to get your name out there without having to submit a resume for every single company!

Search By Location:

Commuting for job interviews costs time AND money. Even more so, commuting to the actual job will cost money unless you plan ahead and can make some adjustments. If you're searching for a job, start by searching for jobs closest to where you live. The closer you work in relation to where you live, can save you hundreds if not thousands of $$$ each year due to decreased commute costs. Whether you walk, bike, take public transport or drive, it still all adds up with time and $$. If you find a job further from home, that can still be okay. However, if you find your next job closer to home then it's an even better deal!

5 FREE Locations to Create/Print Your Resume

1. School

2. Public Library

3. Community Center

4. Place of Worship

5. Family/Friend's House

Don't let the lack of technology at home be a barrier to your path forward! Take advantage of the free resources available to you for access to technology. Getting started or starting out again can be a daunting process but these resources are out there to help YOU succeed!

5 Frugal Ways to Find Your Interview Outfit

1. Borrow

2. Thrift Store

3. Consignment Shop

4. Clearance

5. Employee Discount

Dressing to impress doesn't have to break the bank...and shouldn't. These are just a few great options to find quality clothing items for your job hunt. No one but you will know where you got your clothes so save some money and still look awesome!

Next Steps:

- Start a list of the ways that you plan to save money during your job search.

- Hand the list on your refrigerator or another place that you will see it daily.

- Work through accomplishing each task on your list.

- Get the job you want AND save some $$$!


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