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ReAnn Eidahl

ReAnn is an exceptional example of what a positive and strong leader should be.  While she has many accomplishments, it is her ambition that sets her apart from others.  Her drive to serve others through volunteering, by being a voice against discrimination, by working with others to promote women in leadership, and by going after her dreams as an entrepreneur, ReAnn makes our world a better place.  

Employment/Job Sector: Entrepreneur, Cosmetics

Education: B.A. Communications Studies, Gustavus Adolphus College 2020

ReAnn Eidahl
ReAnn Eidahl

ReAnn Eidahl
ReAnn Eidahl

ReAnn Eidahl
ReAnn Eidahl


In Her Own Words:

Hello! My name is ReAnn. I describe myself as a dream chaser, goal-getter, and taco-enthusiast! I was born and raised in a beautiful city in southern China until I moved to the United States at nine years old. I have navigated challenges of learning a new language, adapting to a new culture, and embraced being an immigrant in the Midwest. These challenges have cultivated my passion for empowering and leading others!


In 2016, I embarked on a two-year journey of community volunteerism for two Minnesota programs, Farmington Ambassadors and the Aquatennial Ambassador Organization (AAO). For two years, I traveled around the state of Minnesota and North America to promote women in leadership and recognize volunteers within each community. The ambassador programs rewarded me with educational scholarships for my service along with skills of personal development that I had never thought of! I polished my public speaking skills, built strong relationships, and recognized the power of service. Not to mention, I can now list the festival and celebration name associated with most cities in Minnesota! How’s that for a fun fact!


On top of my role as an ambassador, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies at Gustavus Adolphus College. On campus, I was a member of the choir, a tour guide, and an executive board member of Gustavus Women in Leadership. In 2019, I had the opportunity to spend the semester in Prague, Czech Republic to fulfill a Marketing internship. My collegiate career has provided me with an abundance of opportunities, strong connections, and increased my interest in being an entrepreneur.


What’s next for you?

My goal is to build a customer-centric cosmetics company that provides a positive platform and empowers people to ignite their strength from within. I believe that in order to cultivate your confidence, you have to find your spark and radiate that light from the inside out. As the company progresses, I hope to give back organizations that provide women with resources to succeed.

Now that we are more familiar with each other, I hope you choose to embark on my journey to REIMPOWER others. Stay connected with my blog at https://www.reimpower.com/ or on Instagram at REIMPOWER_by_ReAnn.



"Remember to be grateful, be humble, and take charge of every opportunity"

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