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By being a member (it's FREE), you'll become part of this community and will have access to connecting with other members as well as having access to helpful career resources such as:

  • Resume templates

  • Cover letter templates

  • Action word list for resumes

  • Interview preparation resources

  • Fillable worksheets to track your own information and progress

  • and more!


That Purple Book is a guide focused on women just entering, or returning to, the career world.  Whether you're still in high school, just graduated college, or you've been in the workforce for a decade or more, the resources on this site will help you prepare for your career journey!  It's never too early to start preparing for your future and to start working towards your goals.  Learn tips to confidently interview for your dream job and to successfully negotiate the compensation package you deserve!  Get advice on preparing your resumes & cover letters.  Receive guidance on creating and managing your professional brand. This community is built for YOU!

While That Purple Book also offers career advice on a variety of professional development topics through blog articles, the resources available to community members will help you take your career prep to the next level!

Already a member?   Head over to the Members Page and Log in!

Community - Leadership Corner

Check out the Leadership Corner pages for inspirational examples of strong and positive leaders.  That Purple Book wants to help YOU accomplish your professional goals and to also build a community connecting female leaders.  

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