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About That Purple Book

Why That Purple Book?

That Purple Book is a guide focused on young women just entering, or returning to, the career world.  Research tells us that too few women ask for more than the initial salary offer and fewer still realize there are many other options to negotiate in addition to salary.  We can do better!  We women face a gender-based pay gap and some big ways that we can decrease that pay gap is by educating ourselves, helping each other, and going after what we've earned and deserve! The resources on this site will help you prepare for your career journey, confidently interview for your dream job, and successfully negotiate the compensation package you deserve!

Why Purple?
The color purple is most commonly associated with leadership and royalty.  This color is the foundation of That Purple Book's purpose to EMPOWER you and to support YOU and your dreams.

Resources Provided by That Purple Book

This site includes numerous resources for you including Blog articles, templates, fillable forms to track your progress and more!  Professional development topics covered in these resources include:

~ Create & Manage Your Professional Brand
~ Perfect Your Resume
~ Get started with LinkedIn
~ Prepare for Interviews
~ Create Your Strategy for Salary Negotiation
~ Saving & Other Money Topics

In addition, you can sign up for FREE to be a member of our community.  As a member, you will have access to numerous FREE
templates for Resumes, Cover Letters and more.

About Me

I'm Sarah Marie Carter and I'm passionate about helping young women prepare for and attain their professional career goals!  Over the years, I've noticed a large gap in meaningful resources specifically for young professionals.  I created That Purple Book to provide resources for those of you just starting out or re-starting your careers.  I am here to guide and empower you to be successful both personally and professionally!  

Set your goal. Make a plan. SUCCEED!


My background includes over 20 years working with high school and college-age women and helping them with interviews, public speaking skills, resume review, salary negotiation, and general professional development.  Over the years I've given dozens of presentations to audiences large and small.  I've worked with many community ambassador programs to provide direct professional development and have served on the selection panel for numerous ambassador programs as well.  I have served as President for the Minneapolis Aquatennial Ambassador Organization (AAO) and also served as a 2017 Captain for AAO.  My background also includes interviewing job applicants and program candidates where I have reviewed hundreds of job applications and resumes.  Through Workshops, I've worked with hundreds of participants to improve their professional development skills regarding job interviews, crafting resumes, and more!

"Be you because no one can do it for you."

- Sarah Marie Carter

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